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Challenge Your Peers

This challenge community is meant to give you challenge from your peers as well as from the maintainers. The way it works is simple. You post, to the claiming post, with a list of five characters you know you can write for or about and five keywords. The keywords may be as general as you like. Then you wait for a response to your post. The person responding (who does not have to be a maintainer) will choose one character and one keyword. After that, a maintainer will give you a theme word as well, from a list posted within this community. You begin with that story. The ultimate goal is to create five interconnected stories (they may all be standalone, but they should have some connection to each other) using each of the keywords and characters.

Please be aware that this community is open to all characters (original and canon), as well as all pairings (slash/yaoi, femmeslash/yuri, and heterosexual) and threesomes. In the case of threesomes, at least two people must be involved with the challenge, and by preference, three people. Warnings and lj-cuts are required, not just expected.


a) Join the community. You will have immediate posting access.
b) Post in the Claiming Post with a list of five (5) characters and keywords.
c) Wait for someone to respond to your post with a choice of one character and keyword. After this, a maintainer will post with a theme. That will be your first story.
d) Once that first response is made, others may post choosing from the remaining characters and keywords (one apiece per comment) until there are none left. Those will be, in order, your five stories.
Each story in your list will have a theme chosen for it by a maintainer. This is to encourage a little more creativity in interpreting keywords and themes, and to help keep things organized so that they are not helter-skelter.
f) Each person may only have 1 claim at a time. You may have a second claim only after you've finished all five stories of your first.
g) Although each story focuses on a different character, all characters in the series/fandom(s) may be present, and should be interconnected.
h) Feel free to post a directory-table immediately, and post your stories whenever you like - either each when it gets done, or altogether at the end.
i) You may begin on your stories as soon as you have the first comment-choice of character/keyword and the first keyword by a maintainer. You do not need to wait for all five choices to be made.
j) There is no deadline to your challenge, and others may choose the same characters and fandoms that you do at any time.
k) Crossovers, real people, and original characters are all permitted.
l) Warnings for any and all questionable matter (including but not limited to: sexual orientation of all pairings, how explicit it is, and any disturbing imagery) is absolutely required. Additionally, all stories are required to be put behind livejournal cuts, with the heading outside the cut.
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